Lock Screen Password Apk

Are you tired of everyone taking your phone and looking through your stuff without asking? Well, give them a pleasant surprise, because, next time they think of doing such a thing, what they will face will be the message that they have to enter a safety pin ☺! Download our newest creation among free apps – Lock Screen Password, and ensure your phone’s or tablet’s security. Now all you have to do is to create a secure password and choose one of the numerous themes for mobile and tablet that are offered. Decorate and protect your smart device, set a keypad lock screen and be sure that your messages, photos and other content will be safe.

How to set your new “lock screen”:

1. Check the ‘Enable lock screen’ box;
2. Enter your password and then and reenter the same password for confirmation;
3. Now you can customize your lock screen theme:

➤ Set your background (choose among 6 images)!
➤ Choose am/pm or 24h time setting!
➤ Turn date on/off!
➤ Choose the date format on display!
➤ Show or hide battery!

Protect your privacy from parents or ex girlfriend or boyfriend easily, your private data is only yours, and no one should be allowed to poke into them. That’s why Lock Screen Password is a must-have, so waste no more time but download one of the best lock screen apps 5 star and you will get a “theme wallpaper” as well! It is a unique lock screen changer which allows you to keep those gossip girls away and keep your secrets to your bff and yourself. Choose a theme for mobile and personalize your smartphone the way you like it!


Downloading Lock Screen Password is a good way to obtain a theme launcher and one of the lock screen apps free in only a few touches on the screen. Choose a “lock screen wallpaper” which you would like to appear on your phone, and think of a “lock screen pin” that no one will guess. If you are a parent, Lock Screen Password will prevent your children from buying items or making unnecessary phone calls. You see, it is an efficient, trendy and sophisticated theme app with a pin for your “lock screen pattern”, choose a theme for tablet or phone and be unique in your own way!


With friendly interface and beautiful design, this lock screen launcher will satisfy the taste of even the most discerning eye, thanks to cute lock screen wallpaper for girls and amazing wallpapers for teens and adults. Our “theme changer” is available to everyone for free, find you favorite look and see if this is what you are asking for when “lock screen apps” are concerned. You can also set a lock screen clock and switch it between am/pm and 24h setting. Only you are allowed to slide to unlock, thanks to the safety password you need to enter. Make sure that no one else sees your password combination, because in this way you keep all your love messages, important selfies and chats from the public eye.


Make use of this theme download right away, because it is free of charge, and get your “lock screen backgrounds” which will take your phone out of the sea of simple devices with lock screen with notifications. Time to check out this theme manager, customize your phone in the most personal way with “Lock Screen Password”!

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