Log Truck Simulator 3D Apk

Welcome to Log Truck Simulator 3D!
In this Log Truck Simulator you’ll learn how to drive with a log truck. When you work in the forest you have to drive carefully with your log truck, because there are lots of things that can damage your truck. In this Log Truck Simulator you’ll experience 15 different situations where you have to maneuver your truck around obstacles. First you have to attach the trailer, for that you have to follow the orange arrows, after the trailer is attached you have to follow the red arrows, they will lead you to the loading place, after the trailer is loaded you have to drive into the parking spot, for that you have to follow the yellow arrows.

Log Truck Simulator 3D features:
– Nice environment
– Realistic truck and trailer
– Cool sound
– 15 exciting levels
– Google Play Game services (leaderboards, achievements)
– Realistic controls

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