Love Story Games College free apk

? Love story games for teenage girls have just got a new addition in the shape of a college crush game with exciting episodes and life-changing choices that you alone can make! ? Love Story Games: College ? lets you write each episode of your romantic adventure on college campus!

? Life on campus is exciting and filled with romance, secret love stories and fun first dates – but, you’ll also have to deal with mysterious past events, mean girls and fake friends! You’re bound to get involved in some kind of drama, but it’s up to you to make your own story–love in college is just as tricky as a high school love story, if not even trickier!

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? PLOT: Who would have guessed that your senior year of college will start off with fireworks! You look better than ever, and it doesn’t go unnoticed! The coolest guy on campus has made a move on you, but it seems like your BFF is into him. Also, there’s a new professor at your college, and he’s super mysterious and very good looking. But, you haven’t really got off to a good How will this “interactive love story” unfold? Who will win over your heart? Romance is in the air, but so is drama!
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? Love Story Games: College ? open a door into the secret life of college students with drama, intrigues and mysterious stories! You are the writer of this interactive visual novel, so pick your moves carefully. If you’re a fan of otome games or games like episode, you’ll adore this free college story game for teens!

? Choose your own love adventure – episodes of your love story will have different outcomes depending on the choices you make! ?

? It’s a new year of college, and it’s the last one! Be the heroine of your own college life story and choose your fate in the most dramatic romance game for teenage girls! College games with relationships and cute boys bring the level of drama and excitement to a whole new level – once you start playing “story games with choices”, you’ll become completely immersed into the interactive virtual love story! Forbidden love is both dangerous and thrilling, but will you dare to take that step and start a relationship with the guy of your dreams? My college life games give you the freedom to make your own love story!

? Explore the amazing options that our high school and college love games have to offer:

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? NAME your own character and be the star of your love story adventure!
? DRESS TO IMPRESS: pick the outfit for the first day back to college. Romantic, dazzling or casual – express your fashion style!
? MAKE DECISIONS: in love simulation games where you make choices, you can date a guy you like and start a real romance! Change the story line and turn the “college story” into a completely new direction!
? “CREATE YOUR OWN LOVE STORY” from beginning to end! Your choices influence the future of your friendships and relationships in this visual novel – create your virtual love life!
? Play the best love games for teenagers and choose your love story!
? SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Srpski, Русский, 日本語!
? Love Story Games: College ? is available for free! Download this romantic dating game for teens and have a great time!

? Attractive characters and dramatic plots await you in this story-based game; if you love high school games that u can date in or “teenage games for girls free” in general, you’ll be smitten by this interactive visual novel game for teenagers who dream of having a real college love story and an unforgettable romance!

? Download ? Love Story Games: College ? completely free and enjoy this cute game for teenage girls where you can date your crush and find your perfect prince charming. Live your college life like a queen and decide your destiny! “Choose your story” in this romantic dating game for girls!

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