MealLogger-Photo Food Journal Apk

MealLogger, the fast photo food journal, is the easy way to keep track of your healthy eating and wellness goals. Now faster and with more ways to help you stay on track.

On a diet? Suffering food allergies? Managing your weight? With MealLogger you can simply photograph your food intake, add a bit of text and nutrient information if you choose, and youíre done. And, if you work with a health professional, MealLogger allows you to connect directly to your dietitian, nutritionist, fitness trainer, etc for feedback, advice, and support on your mobile device.

You can get great social and one-on-one support from MealLogger, but now you can also join custom Nutrition Programs. Track your daily servings of food categories: Meats, Grains, Fish, Legumes, Vegetables, Supplements, Fruits, and more. Search for nutrition programs – like the DASH diet, or AHA guidelines. Or if you’re joining MealLogger via our fitness club or health partners, you’ll find programs published specifically by your club or company sponsor.

Tracking servings has never been easier. Just snap a picture and tap the serving amount. No looking up food; no entering grams and calories. No more looking up one food type from hundreds of examples. And MealLogger lets you know how you’re doing, meal by meal, how many more servings you need to eat that day.

Connect to your friends with MealLogger groups! Create your own community based on your lifestyle, connecting with friends, family members, colleagues, or anyone sharing a common interest. If you’re not yet ready to share with a group, follow a public group to learn more how others motivate each other to eat healthy or to research a specific diet you’ve always been curious about.

Designed with privacy in mind, MealLogger groups can also be completely private — no need to worry about posting updates to social networks or public forums where everyone can see. With private MealLogger groups, you can get same social support you love in a place built specifically for personal healthy eating conversation with those you trust.

Did you know: studies show on average using a food diary can lead to a weight loss of more than 10% over the course of a year. And we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Weíve combined the ease of photographing food, the power of social and one-on-one support with easy nutrition serving tracking. With MealLogger, weíve streamlined the process so you can also track your exercise and synch with popular trackers like Fitbit or Runkeeper in one easy-to-use app.

Download your MealLogger photo food journal and begin keeping a food diary immediately. You’ll be able to access your free account to save your journal to the cloud for access through multiple devices!

Questions? Please contact us through the Help button on the Account page or send us an email at custserv@ with any questions about how MealLogger can help you achieve your diet and fitness goals! If your health professional is not currently using MealLogger, contact us through the Help Button on the Account page and we will reach out to help you get connected.

Take charge of your nutritional wellbeing with MealLogger, the photo food journal designed to help you eat better.

Healthy eating!
-The MealLogger Team

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