Measure Your Blood Pressure Apk

Blood Pressure Prank is a prank app which simulates a Blood Pressure Checker using finger scanner. Your blood pressure SYS, DIA, and your pulse heart rate even your body temperature will be measured and displayed after the fingerprint scanner scan your finger. Usually, the result will always be good, so that can make your day. It is a dream app for the ones who want to prank friends or for kids who want to play doctor games.
App Features:

★ Amazing fingerprint scanning Panel and scan animation.
★ HD and very lifelike blood pressure sphygmomanometer model graphic.
★ Simulate blood pressure monitor sounds.

How to Use:
★ Place and hold your right or left thumb on the scanning panel.
★ Launch the app and select the gender.
★ After the Scanning completes. The result will show in the screen.
★ Hold for a few seconds until the scan is

Blood Pressure Scanner Prank is for fun purposes only. It does not calculate the blood pressure. The displayed results are random numbers. It is the best application for fooling friends.

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