MentalUP Brain Games For Kids app free

MentalUP is scientific and entertaining brain training application for primary school level children. Mentalup contains gamified brain exercices which improves mental skills of children as attention, memory, problem solving, logic, visual, vocabulary, etc.

MentalUP was developed by academicians, medical consultants and game designers.

MentalUP recognizes children’s mental skill levels with adaptive learning algorithm and produces personalized daily workout according to the children’s mental levels. So every children can use the app and there is no need an expert or a teacher to steer the children. Teachers and parents can easily follow up children’s mental development and compare it with the others using MentalUP’s powerfull reporting and benchmarking tools.

Children using MentalUP regularly improve their mental skills as attention, memory, problem solving, logic, visual and vocabulary. Improving these thinking skills also enhances learning ability and academic achievement.

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