Modanisa Apk

Download the official Android application of to keep you in touch with the latest trends on Muslim clothing and hijab fashion wherever you are!

is the most reputable gateway opening to a brand new fashion world for women adopted the Islamic way of dressing with all its products such as abayas, tunics, Muslim dresses and nightwears.

On , you can find all styles of veils such as gowns, scarves, bonnets from the best quality brands; all kinds of outfits, formal dresses, prayer dresses, tunics, sleepwears, underwears, night dresses created by famous fashion designers; several options of modern abayas, coats, trenchcoats, ponchos; new released swimwear and sportswear models of the season; haute couture Muslim night dresses and many different accessories beside stylish bags and shoes.

From classical to casual whichever describes your style best is on You can follow and purchase the latest models of Muslim clothes in which you will feel comfortable and elegant.

You can find all items easily that you may need to reveal your own style on that focuses solely and particularly on Islamic clothing.

If you wish you can share easily your favourite items with your family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+. By using the application, you can surf around items of more than 300 brands.

’s Android application brings a variety of tunic models, dresses, night dresses, abayas as well as sportswears and swimwears that all designs are convenient to Islamic principles.

You can find easily whatever you are looking for on Android application which provides you a delightful e-shopping experience thanks to its easy-to-use and user friendly interface designed and categorized wisely to enable an easy access to all items such as gowns, scarves and bonnets and pretty rich variety of accessories.

has served with the principle of “unconditional customer satisfaction” and sent your order to courier within 48 hours following your purchase to ensure that you get your order in a short while.

can ship all your purchased orders such as tunics, night dresses, dresses and abayas as well as other complementary products as bags, shoes, swimwears, scarves and many more accessories on a worldwide scale.

‘s android Application where you can find oversize items of Muslim fashion collections also provides you different payment methods.

You can prefer to pay by credit card, debit card or via PayPal. You can also pay by Klarna if it is available in your country.

You can also benefit from free shipping possibilities throughout the campaigns held occasionally on

You will also be able to share your favourite items with your friends and family through your social media accounts and get their comments and advices.

You will enjoy your shopping experience at which is certified by “Customer Satisfaction Certificate” and chosen “The Most Trustworthy E-Commerce Site” with the votes of online customers.

The Android application of makes you re-discover the fashion easily through the first online Muslim fashion and shopping site of Turkey and begin to enjoy the comfort of shopping in your exclusive online store!

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