Moneymailme Money Transfer App free

Free secure encrypted chat app with video and low cost instant money transfer

Moneymailme is a free secure encrypted chat app, with video call and very low cost instant money transfers, available for Android and other smartphones. You can use Moneymailme to instantly send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents and GPS location, as well as to send money.

– Moneymailme uses your phone’s internet connection to let you message and call family and friends. There are no subscription or other fees payable to Moneymailme to use the encrypted chat app, messenger service or peer to peer video call functionality
– Quickly connect to your contacts, just approve access to your address book and there is no need to add hard to remember usernames or contact numbers
– Never miss a message, even if you miss a notification or turn off your phone, Moneymailme will save your messages until the next time you use the app

– Intuitive mobile application with e-wallets in GBP, EUR, USD, CHF, PLN and ZAR
– Innovative state of the art online and mobile banking solution
– Open your e-wallet in less than 3 minutes and start to chat, top up and send or receive money
– Have a full overview and line by line details of all payments, receipts, top ups, withdrawals transactions in app or online
– Free transfers for sending and receiving money in the same currency
– Competitive low fees for money transfers that cross currencies, with real live exchange rate provided before you transfer
– You can block and unblock your account online, so there is no concern if you lose your phone, as your personal data and money will be safe
– Increase your spending limits by submitting additional KYC documents and receive fast approvals for increases

– Deposits are held in a custodian account at Barclays Bank
– E wallets are licenced by Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, a major EU based regulator
– Your personal data is protected and Moneymailme are compliant with privacy regulation
– Receive confirmation of all transactions on your account by email or simply check your smartphone or online
– Your individual security settings offer you full control of your money
– Moneymailme makes use of latest advanced encrypted technology to secure your personal data

– Pay a freelancer who has completed a project instantly with Moneymailme and you donĂ­t need to get the bank account details and queue at a bank
– Have a video call with family if you are working overseas, send or receive money instantly
– Chat to a friend, say happy birthday and send them money instantly for a present
– On vacation, send some pictures to your friends and have a video call to share live feeds
– Overseas students, ask your parents to send you your allowance weekly to help you manage finances

– A global partnership with Global Giving, and international charities organisation
– Make instant money transfers and donate money to a cause or charity
– Donate knowing that the cause receives the donation with no fees and no third-party bank charges
– Follow the social impact of your donation in the app with regular updates by GlobalGiving

– Featured with positive reviews in Financial Times, The Fintech Times, The Daily Mirror

Just download the app, invite a friend, have a secure chat, or video call and send or request money instantly!
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