Monster Bike Motocross for android

Have fun in extreme big bike race with POWERFUL MONSTER MOTORCYCLES! Perform dangerous flips and stunts, drive in breathtaking death loops, jump through flaming rings of fire and drift in abandoned sand quarry off road track! Will you dare to participate in this dangerous monster bike race with your kickass monstrosity motorcycle?


◆ CHOOSE your favorite monstrosity motorcycle from more than 12 brand new bikes: Sandstorm, Warrior, Danger, Wroom-Wroom, Nitro Boost, Hot Wheels, Commander, Ghost Rider, Smoke, The Devil, Monstrosity and Cobra!
◆ PREPARE for challenging sand drifting and extreme hill racing game!
◆ RIDE on dangerous moving constructions, massive death loops and muddy swamps, jump through flaming rings of fire!
◆ PERFORM extreme stunts and dangerous flips while racing in this challenging sand quarry offroad track with your big bike!
◆ AVOID deadly rockfall, spiked crushers, dangerous bombs and barrels explosions!
◆ DEFEAT your opponents and win extreme hill racing game!
◆ GAIN coins for each successfully completed game level in this challenging big bike race. Collect even more coins by finding a secret room! The more coins you get the more kickass bikes you can purchase!
◆ MASTER your monster motorcycle offroad driving skills. Learn to drift, perform extreme stunts and flips!
◆ ENJOY user friendly interface, big buttons and simple game controls.
◆ CLICK GO button to drive forward and ARROWS to balance your monstrosity motorcycle or perform flips and stunts!
◆ PREPARE for exciting 24 hill racing tracks.
◆ HAVE FUN in two bike race worlds: Sand Valley and Sand Quarry.
◆ ENJOY realistic, physics-based offroad motorcycle racing experience in sand quarry.
◆ DRIVE your powerful monstrosity motorcycle and STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination, self-control and self-preservation, IMPROVE quick decision making, problem solving and flexible thinking skills.
◆ ENJOY high quality cartoon game graphics, cool bikes, animated characters, smooth physics simulation, awesome sound effects, realistic voice-overs and best suited soundtrack!

Will you dare to participate in this extreme monster bike hill racing game? If yes, then hop on your favorite monstrosity motorcycle, perform cool flips and stunts and prove that you are the best powerful motorcycle racer! Drive in challenging offroad motorcycle racing tracks with many different bikes!

If your kids are passionate about monster motorcycle and big bike race then they gonna love this game! The game is designed for kids and toddlers between ages 4-12 years old. Download the best free motorcycle racing game for your child today!

This big bike sand drifting and hill racing game for kids is completely free to play, but the game also offers in-app purchases.

Let us know your opinion about this motorcycle racing game! Having questions? Need technical support? Contact us at [email protected]


Tiny Lab Kids is a publisher and developer of casual and free-to-play mobile games for kids. Company is famous for its leading games series Fun Kid Racing. Try more motorcycle racing games from Tiny Lab Kids: Fun Kid Racing – Motocross, Sports Bikes Racing Show, Motorcycle Racer – Bike Games and more!

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