Number Rumble : Brain Battle Apk

WARNING! Play at your own risk!
– Might increase your performance in your workplace
– Students might get better at school
– You might get brighter mind
– You might have too much fun

A new combination between trivia games and good old competitive number games like bingo!

Number Rumble is a realtime pvp game about, well you guess it, Numbers!
Increase your abilities to the peak while enjoying some stress releasing brain training fun.

Duel others from around the world in a tight 3 rounds match,
Play in a single mode tournaments,
or challenge your friends and find out who’s smarter!

Play, be social, have fun, and improve your Math IQ to see who is the best!

features :

*. Easy to play!
*. Real time online battle against real people from all over the world.
*. Single player modes
*. Cute emoticons to express your feelings
*. Unlockable training modes
*. Analyze your performance using the unique statistic system.
*. Add friends, chat or challenge them in a real time friendly battle.

It’s not a trivia, it’s not a quiz, it’s Number Rumble!

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