Off Road Oil Cargo Tanker 3d free

Transport heavy-duty giant vehicle in a new version of truck simulator game and feel realistic oil tanker driver reflexes. After refining crude oil distillates, Drive off road cargo truck to transport petrol to Bankside power station.
Explore more fun with highway racing in oil tanker simulator 3d. Drive 4 different transport truck to complete oil transporter driving duty. The core objective of Off Road Oil Cargo Tanker 3D is to move oil from offroad oil refinery to city petrol filling station. Try #1 truck simulator game to go one step ahead in truck drifting games.
Truck simulator 3d is promising to engage you in simulation game until your device battery finishes completely.

As you start oil tanker job, you have to move to a refinery where the refining process has been completed and refined products are ready to transport after exploration and drilling. Load all the gasoline in transport truck container and start your journey to city oil stations.
Throughout complete transporter sim, enjoy real road traffic animations,racing challenges,off road environment. All exist in truck driving simulator-Off Road Oil Cargo Tanker 3D.
Read dialogue objectives to complete transport simulator duty. Reach faster the refinery.
Find parking area and park truck transporter accurately. Tap to load hundreds of barrel and gallons of petrol into the truck.
After transporter truck filling, trucker stunt racing missions start. Simulate your 3d vehicle faster to bankside power station. Drive off road through hills,mountains,steeps and slopes to enjoy hill climb racing in Off Road Oil Cargo Tanker 3D.

♛ Game Specs:

☑ Manual gear system>
Use manual gear system to speed up tanker. Transporter has limited speed in each gear. Use neutral gear to stop your vehicle.

☑ Multiple camera views>
Multiple camera angles give more driving control to a truck driver. Enjoy truck front cam view. Side, top and back camera views also exist. Also, enjoy back mirror view while reversing tanker.

☑ Bundle of 3D models>
Traffic racer 3d game consists all the 3d models including buses,cars,vans and other traffic vehicles. Buildings,mountains,trees and off road environment are also here to experience real traffic truck race. Enjoy brand new oil refineries and stations 3d models.

☑ UI Controls>
User-friendly UI includes super power race and brake buttons. For driver sim movement control, use either tilt or steering. Read multiple dialogue objectives and messages to understand your racer task.
Simulate in multiple different trucks to guarantee your success. Play all of 10 daring stages with multiple heavy-duty trucks.

☞ 7 Tip To Vic:

➊ Ignite oil cargo tanker and accelerate faster to achieve your task.
➋ Drive oil tanker to off road oil refinery to complete oil transportation job.
➌ Escape from collisions with other vehicles to avoid explosions.
➍ Find parking area and park your truck appropriately. It’s a parking+racing truck duty.
➎ Tap to fill oil tank completely with petrol.
➏ Transport all the oil without any damage,loss or road accident.
➐ Tanker will be filled, now you have to start your journey from a refinery to petrol stations in the city.

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