Offroad Car Drifting 3D Apk

CAR DRIFT CRAZY DRIVE is new trending car drifting game, this game offers you car drifting opportunity to zealous and crazy lovers of car drifting. Are you crazy for car drifting? If yes then do not waste you time, download now, and start car drifting.


Among the various key features, which make CAR DRIFT DRIVE 2017 game unique and fabulous, blend of car racing and car drifting is key feature. CAR DRIFT DRIVE 2017 is basically for those people who are both car racing and car drifting lovers. CAR DRIFT DRIVE 2017 is car drifting game, in which there are high speed cars especially designed for speed drifting and crazy drifting. In this game there are multiple drifting cars and racing cars, your racing rival would be the time, you have to race against the time.


In this FAST DRIFT CAR: RACE DRIVE there is natural racing and drifting environment. Drift racing and drifting driving are quite similar to each other, in drift racing you have to take care of time while real drifting of your cars. But on the other hand, in drift drive there is no limit of time, you can drift as much as you can. Drifting race is new idea in the world of game, this HIGHWAY CAR DRIFT 2017 is only game in you can enjoy drifting racing with super fast speedy cars. You might have experience of drifting the cars in other ordinary games, but you have not got any opportunity of luxury car drifting.

Take the fastest driving experience to the whole new level. Race against time! Be the king of the city racing!
Reach to the checkpoints before the time ends otherwise the level will be lost.
Pick up the different fastest and exclusive cars from the car lot.
Drive around the city in free roam mode.
Win the race to unlock the whole new thrilling levels.
Drift your car on the city tracks while taking the steep and sharp turns.
If you get bored from the city view then drive to the beach and enjoy the drive along the beach.
Show your ultra driving skills while driving between the mountains and hill road.
You have to be careful while driving on the hilly areas otherwise you can crash your cars.
Follow the path and drive a fast as you can to collect the check point and reach to the finish line.
If you like city car racing games then this is the best 3D racing game for you with realistic city view.
Get behind the wheels of world fastest cars and feel like a real car racer when he drives in a race.
Face the challenges of city car racing game with stunning environments with many different cars.
If want to race in hilly areas with the nature view then this game will be your superb choice.
Have you ever dream to try a city racing car simulator? Now you can drift, drag and drive to feel a real racing car in the city!
So what are you waiting for? Start your ignition and start the race.
Tap Left to turn left
Tap right to turn right.
Tap brake to stop and drift.
Tap handbrake to pull over.
Tap Camera icon to change the camera view.
Realistic 3D city view.
Drive with city, beach and hilly roads.
Race in the different racing cars.
Complete the mission to unlock new levels.
Wander the city in free roam mode.
Race against the time.
Drive with different camera views.

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