OnTimeAlarm Apk

[ontimealarm, ontimealert]

▶ [ Important !!! – samsung android or marshmello and upper version ]
*If you are using samsung smart phone of or marshmello() and upper version, you have to set turned off OnTimeAlarm on battery app power saving option like link.

▶ Tested Smart Phone
* LG Nexus 5x(Android )
* LG G3(Android )

* Use this app if you look at senior citizens in mind, please introduce a lot of friends who around. ^ __ ^
* If you do not want to alarm all the time get a sharp alarm OFF toggle button.

* Permission related
– If the device ID and Call Information Rights are busy, and in order to establish a sound or vibration, any information not also transmitted / stored outside.
– Photo / media / file permissions do not even transmit / store any information to outside for seamless By the use of advertising module.

Have a happy day today.

* 12 noon Moment Moment promote additional or text / banner attached contact – email inquiry

– Very simple structure, one of the screen
– Digital Clock Home Screen Widget Support
– Weekday, weekend alarm times can be set separately
– When a baby voice every hour Korean, English female voice, English male voice, female voice Korean, Japanese female voice, Chinese female voice, a new sound (5 seconds), frog sound (5 seconds), sound waves and seagulls (5 seconds ) indicates that the dot in.
– Alarm time setting (set the desired time of 24 hours).
– Alarm volume setting (which led me to set the alarm volume, and then return to the original volume of media).
– Status bar notification duration setting support (cont., 10 sec., 60 sec.)
– Google Store Go menu.
– Additional Information menu on page app link.
– English Support
– Japanese support (Contributor: songchihun – Japan resident)
Chinese Support
– Incoming calls, alarm calls when you stop playing
– And if the phone is in silent mode (the default mode and not), the default setting is vibration, sound + vibration, sound, vibration, or silent / vibration alarm can be set to be on time to (select one of four)
(This unusual to vibration can be easily seen that sharp.)
– Select the alarm tone sounds when the alarm time preview current support set volume
– When the clock sharp digital clock to 20 seconds after the next screen will show the current time being automatically shut down. Has even touch the Exit button (optional)
– Ringer volume setting is good if you use a top breech.
Step 3 ringtone widget support (sound only, vibrate only use, using sound + vibration)
– If you use a headset, instead of the sharp notification sound or vibration does not inform selectable

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