Photo frames Apk

You can place your photo in a frame or a funny picture, and then save it to your mobile device. There are more than 6000 templates available, and they are constantly updated.
To load your photo, double tap the cutout for the photo or select “Insert picture” from the application menu.
To move and scale pictures, tap the cutout for the photo, then hold and move. To move your photo, tap the screen at the center of the cutout. To rotate and scale, tap near the edge of the cutout.
When you open the list of templates, not all available templates can be viewed at once! Use the scroll bar to scroll the list down and view more templates.
Hundreds of various device models have been launched during the existence of the Android platform. I try to do my best to make each application work correctly on any one of them! That’s why, if you encounter any error, don’t hurry to post a bad review, but better contact me so that I could help you to solve it.

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