PicoSweet – Kawaii PhotoEditor Apk

5 million downloads ! total of iOS and android

Pico Sweet is a simple photo application that upgrades your photo into a piece of art by using a template. You may customize the templates so you can make your own, too.
You can easily design your photos with cool filters and thousands of stamps. And what’s more, you can share your “art” and templates on SNS or give them to your friends. Let’s make your own “art” with Pico Sweet!


-You can easily change your photo into a piece of art using templates!
-Over 2000 stickers!
-Over 400 kinds of templates!
-17 kinds of filters!
-Over 150 kinds of background images! 

A picture editing with one touch deco!

You can instantly kawaii the photo fashionably using a deco template.
Just choose what you like from the templates of various tastes!
Easy people who are not good at deco!

Can arrange templates !

Deco templates are made of all parts that can be arranged.
If you change the background, sticker, filter, turn into an original deco!


Using the deco-share function, you can share your original templates and give presents.
Your deco template becomes the URL.
She(he) access the URL to launch the application.
If you take or pick a picture, she(he) can decorate it as you decorated.

Many free stickers available!

Many free stickers can be used from the beginning.
We are planning to add more and more in the future.

Lots of fashionable filters and backgrounds!

From pop to vintage, you can use many filters, background colors and images.

Share images easily!

You can share the created images with various SNSs or pass them to other applications.



We will inform you of the latest information.
Please follow me.

*Deco sharing is a function that allows you to share information (such as the position and angle of a stamp) of a deco template you created with another person as a URL.
When the user who puts the application accesses the URL of the deco sharing, the application starts up and decodes in the same way.

*The unpurchased stamp in the deco share will be able to move when you purchase it.

*We may use the deco-share template you created.

needs access to
*In-app purchases
For purchase of paid stickers.

For push notification.

For loading and saving photos


*Wi-Fi connection information

*Device ID & call information
To generate a unique ID from device ID and phone number. Phone number, device ID will not be sent outside this application.

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