Police Prize Claw Machine Fun Apk

Game Features Police games and claw game :
⛰ Multiple police cars for you to collect with the prize claw machine!
⛰ It’s not as easy at it would seem, do you best!
⛰ There will be hidden prizes waiting for you!
⛰ If you enjoy Police Prize Claw Machine Fun please leave a rating 🙂

This is your chance to collect different types of police cars for your collection!
Police Prize Claw Machine Fun is a prize claw – claw game machine like no other, this one will give you the chance to collect police cars, but be carefull, when you have something on your hook do not move too fast or it will fall off! Claw games in general have a habit of being hard, this game isn’t new!

You must collect as must police attributes as you can in this ultimate prize claw machine game! You will have so much fun just by trying and grabbing the prizes as they go. Go and play this claw game right now!

Have fun! ~Chiefgamer~

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