Pregnancy Test Checker Prank Apk

Pregnancy Test Checker prank surprising application that tells you the sum you are pregnant, using your finger on your have the unique opportunity to trap your allies for them to show the rate of your finger and get pregnancy results . a fun way to deal with give chuckles to friends and family. Put a finger on the screen and appreciate! Magnificent to play around with your sidekicks! This exceptional imprint Pregnancy test will simply figure your fake pregnancy results. This pregnancy test scanner application is made in such a route, to the point that people would be unverifiable whether it’s a trap application or certified. This application will give you the going with information:
• whether you are pregnant or not,
• in case you are pregnant then to what extent pregnant,
• whether you will be having a child or a young woman, twin child, twin young women or both.
Value this fun application, spread happiness and have fascinating minutes with your friends and family. Keep everyone bright.
How to USE:
– Place your finger gently in the novel finger impression sifting pad and sit tight for examination.
– Your Fake pregnancy results would be showed up after tally.
Note: This application is prank, expected for delight purposes just, and is not got ready for restorativ

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