Princess Horse Caring Apk

A fine morning here at the stables in a fun princess horse game awaits you and it is business as usual. The time has come to do some maintenance work on the stable where your favorite horse lives and you will have to be thorough. Put some time and effort into it to make it look brand new in order to improve the quality of life for the residents here.

First things first you will have to start off by picking up the manure and then remove the old hay. Dust off the spider webs and broom the floor to keep everything clean and then you will be able to add the fresh hay and the horse can move back in in no time. Once you see how clean the stables are compared to the horse, you will have to do the same thing to the cute animal.

Clean off all the stuff off the horse with a brush and then soap him off and let it soak. She has been a wild rider so she went through loads of bushes and now she is a bit dirtier than usual. Rinse her nice coat off and then groom her like you know best and you will see that actually she is a white horse not a gray one. The next step, after you have her nice and clean, is to take care of the hooves, which we will cover shortly.

She is a sweet and calm horse so you can work in peace on her hooves, which are a tricky part on any horse since they love to run, so they need some love and attention as well. Remove the old once by pulling out the nails, clean the hooves and trim them as they grow a bit in size just like our nails and add the new golden ones so she will feel like she has brand new shoes on. Give them a good scrub and a polish to complete this task.

In the final task of this horse farm game is actually a dress up with the magnificent animal as she loves a new saddle and some cool looking accessories. Fortunately for you there are plenty of which you can choose from and by the end of it you will have a nice photo opportunity.

Enjoy the cool features that this game has:
-Plenty of tasks to complete
-Easy to figure out what has to be done
-Responsive gameplay
-Amazing graphics
-Cute characters and animals

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