Puzzles FNAF 5 Nights Jigsaw free apk

This is a lovely FNAF indie 5 nights cartoon movie puzzle game which enables even small children to develop observational skills, visual memory, personal achievement, fine motor skills and organisation of shapes in a space as our game has show image mode of kids. However this mode can be turnoff.

There are 36 levels of difficulty from 9 to 289+ pieces, depend on how you set in each game play. The game is deal for children from five years old to adults.

When you complete the puzzle, you will see the full image of Five Nights At Freddy’s. Our image also contain your favourite cartoon toy anime such as Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Puppet, Mangle, BB, and friends.

The game is made up of a total of 289 jigsaws :
– 9 pieces, at very easy mode
– 49 pieces, at medium mode
– 290 pieces, at difficult mode

There is no in-app purchases so please feel free and download this game for you and your kid cause we guarantee that this game will not cost you any real money.

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