Puzzles for Kids House&Outdoor free apk

We present a new fun educational games for kids in which your baby learns to collect puzzles with silhouettes, gets acquainted with home interiors and types of outdoor leisure as well as develops various mental activities.
Here are the main advantages and features of our puzzle games for kids:
– This is not a classic kids puzzle games where a picture is divided into some elements which you should collect. Our puzzle games consist of puzzles with silhouettes. There are brightly colored backgrounds and shadow silhouettes of missing items in our brain teaser games for kids. Your baby should choose a suitable element from the suggested ones and drag it to the silhouette.
– All the elements of our puzzles games are very colorful and animated! Once your child inserts the correct item in the silhouette, it immediately comes to life and behaves funny! Your baby will be willing to watch it again and again, how amusingly various objects move
– Our puzzles are of unusual topic – they are so called house games. There are puzzles of “at home” and “outdoor recreation” subjects. When choosing the “at home” puzzles your toddler will collect puzzles with a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a nursery. The “outdoor recreation” puzzles will get your baby acquainted with different ways of spending time in the open air: a playground with a tree house in the yard, a picnic, poolside leisure, overnight in a tent by the lake, a beach holiday by the seaside.
– Your baby learns a lot of new items and their names, it broadens your child’s vocabulary and expands his or her outlook.
– We’ve got the most interesting puzzles for kids of both sexes. Our baby puzzle games can be referred to as toddler puzzles for girls and as toddler puzzles for boys.
– You can download our puzzle games for free. Our free puzzles games are very bright, beautiful and they are one of our best educational games for kids in which your baby will learn nations.
What can your kid learn while playing this kids puzzle games for toddlers?
– Fruitful images of picture puzzles for free will show your child a lot of items from surroundings.
– Such kids learning games contribute greatly to the development of attention concentration skills and persistence.
– Jigsaw puzzles for kids reinforce the cognitive skills of your baby such as shape recognition and memory.
– Kids puzzle games for toddlers teach young children to solve problems and think critically.
– Toddler puzzle games develop logical thinking.
– Puzzle games toddler plays make his or her imagination and visualization stronger.
– Puzzle games for kids kindergarten free cultivate creativity.
– Fun puzzle games exercise fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Our puzzles games free can be regarded as:
– puzzle games free for 2 year olds;
– toddler puzzles free for 3 year olds;
– puzzle games for kids 4 years old;
– kids puzzles 5 years old.
Download our kids puzzles free and improve a bunch of your baby’s skills mentioned above. Of course you will not find 384 puzzles 4 kids there, but we can assure you that 9 animated puzzles are quite enough for those purposes 🙂 We created not only our jigsaw puzzles free games kids for 3 year old together with child psychologists and teachers, but all other our toddler puzzles free. Among our games for children there are other puzzles for toddlers free on different educational topics. Those puzzles are suitable for children of all young ages, but especially we like them as kids puzzle games free 4 years old, 2,3,5 years old.
Although collecting puzzles is believed to be a solitary experience, any member of your family can become the child’s playmate, trying to find the proper match or combination for the current piece by turn. The game is suitable for kids of kindergarten and preschool age. The app requires the players to draw the items around, improving their fine motor skills, which is a crucial step in early child development.

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