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◆ Would you rather have your kids read a book and learn or just allow your kids to play uneducated game?
This questions is a proposal for parents with kids.
-kids spend most of their time watching uneducated TV programs and playing uneducated  games on their tablets/smartphones everyday. But do you really want your kids to be spending most of their time watching TV and playing smartphone games that has no education benefits?
If your answer is a No, then why not try using IWING(Give Wings for kids’s imagination). 
This is a new concept of e-books with Mom, Dad and Children that is voice based on integration.

◆How to use IWING
It is very simple to use IWING. 
-First, choose a book you would like to read with your child. There are many books on IWING such as fairy tale books, trades timbal fairy tale books, esop’s fables, children classic books, etc. 

-Second, read a book and record it with the parent’s voice! 
Children loves and enjoy hearing their parents voice when they are reading a book to the children. 

-Third, share the books with other people. 
Users can share their books with other and read other’s streaming books

The first commercialization picture book streaming service in the world.
The best picture book brand “IWING” in Korea.

[The Best picture book picture book application, IWING!]
– IWING possesses 35,000 books which is the biggest picture books possession in Korea.
– – User can watch videos consecutively in real time while recording and sharing with friends.
– It is convenient to manage book list on play list menu.
– IWING is selected as the best idea by Creative Economy Center(One of government ministry in Korea)
– IWING was awarded “the best app” from Korea mobile app award.
– IWING have Children’s classic story books, Creative children’s story books, English books, Chinese books, Picture books, English native sound books etc.

[Indispensable application IWING for infants!]
IWING has books registration of famous children’s books, Traditional fairy tale, Aesop´s Fables, Children’s classic story books, Creative children’s story books, Infant care books, Children’s collection books.

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◆ Notice
When you running iWing application, if you got error or problem, please give me QnA.
Customer Service Information
Phone : (02) 856 – 6882 (+82 2 856 6882)
E-mail : mflareqna@

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