Riddle Quest – 1,000 riddles Apk

*** 1,000+ fun and challenging Riddles! ***

What has a neck but no head?
What do horses live next to?
What always was, yet never can be?

…These are just some of the riddles you will encounter in RIDDLE QUEST, the funniest and most challenging riddle game ever! For each riddle you answer correctly, you will make one move forward through a magical landscape. Do you have the skills to finish the entire journey?

Hop aboard – the journey is free! Try Riddle Quest today!

Riddle Quest contains more than 1,000 fun and challenging riddles! How many will you solve?

Move through each landscape with the answers you seek, but if you are stuck, we’ll give you a peek! In other words…hints are available every step of the way!

Watch the scenery change before your eyes! With each mind-bending challenge, you’ll be journeying through a series of interesting landscapes. The graphics in Riddle Quest are eye-catching, creative, colorful, and dynamic!

Follow your friends’ progress! Who will complete the journey first?

Can you outsmart our riddles? See how far your journey will take you by downloading RIDDLE QUEST for free now!

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