Samurai Defender with Ninja Apk

# 1 million downloads achieved!! #[Game Introduction]
A simple action defense game set in the Warring States period of Japan.
Defend your castle from approaching enemies!☆ Download “Samurai Defender” for free ☆
Some paid content is available, but you can play this game for free until the very end!☆ Basic Actions ☆
Tap on an enemy soldier to aim at them. Your bowmen will take care of the rest.
Enemies will move towards your castle gate, so take aim and stop them from getting too close!☆ Collect Gold and Copper, and acquire Stratagems ☆
Use the coins you acquire to learn new Stratagems!
Use the Stratagems you’ve learned to defeat hordes of enemies!☆ Player Training ☆
Level up your soldiers and Stratagems, and repel wave after wave of enemy invasions![Story]
Long, long ago in a far away land stood an impregnable castle.
That castle was the key to unifying the people of the land.
Warlords near and far sought to take it for themselves.
Today, the castle will come under attack again.
Can you defend the castle!?[Goal]
You must lead your forces in the defense of the
App: free
* Some items can be
[Help and Inquiries]

[List of recommended devices/To customers who can’t get the game to start]

* Support on devices not listed in the link cannot be guaranteed. We thank you in advance for your understanding.
* Individual replies will not be made regarding plans for recommended devices.* Initial startup download may take several minutes depending on signal strength.
Please wait until loading is finished and don’t turn off the app.* To enjoy Samurai Defender comfortably, it is recommended to play in a wi-fi environment.

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