Speech Assistant AAC Apk

Speech Assistant is a text based AAC app designed for people who are speech impaired, but are able to read. This may be in the case of aphasia, MND/ALS, after a stroke, in case of vocal cord problems or other speech problems. The app is an AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication) tool and can also be used to practice during rehabilitation.
With the app you can create categories, words and phrases, which are placed on large buttons. With these buttons you can create messages that can be shown or spoken. It is also possible to type any text using the keyboard.

Speech language and voice
The voice is not part of the app, but the app uses the voice that’s installed on your device. For instance the voices from Google Text-to-Speech. You can change the voice in the settings of your device. You can also download other voices or speech languages from the Google Play Store from companies like SVOX, Acapela or Ivona.

Feedback and information
For feedback, questions, tips or problems, please contact: [email protected]
More information:

Easy to use
1. Click on one of the categories.
2. The phrases and words that belong to the category are shown on large buttons.
3. Click on the buttons to create a message that is shown in the display. Or you can type any text on the keyboard.
4. Click on the speaker icon and the message will be spoken out.

Fully Customizable
• General Settings: Auto complete, option to prevent double touching and more options.
• Layout and Colors: The size of the buttons, the display and the textsize can be adjusted. It is also possible to adjust the color scheme.
• Categories and Phrases: It is simple to add, change or delete your own categories, words or phrases.
• Speech and sound: For adjusting the sound settings and a link to the Text-to-Speech settings of your device.
• Backup and Restore: Option to backup and restore your categories, words and phrases.
• Keyboard shortcuts for USB/Bluetooth keyboards for Speak, Clear and Show button.

Full version
In the settings of the app you can upgrade to the full version with additional features like more categories and phrases, customizable action buttons, pronunciation corrections and much more.

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