Speed radar detector Apk

Warning system Free completely free fixed and mobile radars free, the best radar detector premium
We have created a free radar detector with all the options for the user.
No more warning fines thanks to free fixed and mobile radars, the best copilot to drive without fear of fines, radar warning notifies you:
Speed cameras
mobile radars
controlled traffic lights
Danger zones
You can view the camera location on a map

What differentiates us from other radar applications:
you can use google maps and see him radars notices
option controls speed display on a map within the app
fully configurable from the distances to sounds warning
radar warning voice
simple design horizontally and vertically android 5
The audio warning system for ideal speaker or Bluetooth will not distract you while driving.
Fully configurable, you can select if you want to just notify you about the fixed and mobile radars or if you want to do it only one of them, also set sound emitted by the application when you approach a speed control or the warning distance the same (default 1000m)
the database of fixed and mobile radars is in continuous growth thanks to contributions from users, you can bring your data sending an email to aplicacionradares@ not forget to attach latitude and longitude, soon we will include a system to provide directly from the application.

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