Street Basketball Star 2017 free

Are you tired from shooting Basketball games? Play best Basketball game of 2017. Enjoy real dunk and shoots with 5 on 5 or 2 on 2 players matches in that real Street Basketball Star 2017.

Game Modes

– TrainingLearn dunk, dribble, shot, block rebound, 2 and 3 point shootout, hoops techniques.
– Quick Play 2-on-2 action. A Friendly Match between your team and selected team.
– Story Mode A 5 on 5 Action. You have to visit all over the Fanatical world and compete with the best Jam teams of the world. You will experience playing a real 5 v 5 players games like watching live tv on mobile.
– World Cup You will play with the best teams of the world in this Fanatical Basketball.
– Knockout You have to win all 8 matches to be a knockout winner.
– League Play basketball season like nba matches and win the league. The team with higher score at the end will be the winner.

Build and Improve your Team

Build and Manage your Jam better the player is, the longer they are able to play! Prepare yourself to experience the amazing slam dunks and shoots in best slam dunk basketball game with real people. Adopt your style by changing basketballs, uniforms and basketball courts.

How to Play

Easy to control, fun for every age players Use the touch pad and buttons to dribble, shoot, dunk and pass the ball down the court.

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