StuntSki Lite Apk

StuntSki Lite is is a challenging 2D, physics-based ski game inspired by Ski Stunt Simulator.

* physics-based gameplay – no jump button, use the skier’s posture to jump, tuck, flip and land
* bail hilariously and watch your skier rag-doll down the run
* challenging gameplay due to unique physics based controls
* 9 levels

NOTE: Your phone must have OpenGL ES – otherwise it will not run! It looks like Wildfire Buzz phones do not work.

Why Lite? Well, this is a game I’ve worked on in my spare time over the past few years and I’ve only created 9 levels and finally decided to release it in its current state. The graphics are very basic, there are few levels, but the game is playable and fun. Depending on the popularity of the game, I may continue development.

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