Superhero Javis team creator Apk

This classic superhero javis team creator allow you to create heroes in your very own version. We have tons of amor suit combination of famous hero in the javis team collection. Grab the Captain Soldier of America suit if you like the strong young man of cause he is forever young or if you like a bit more naughty with the playboy rich man toy you might love our to create the Mark VII. It doesn’t end there cause we have more than 4,000,000 combinations for you to show of your superhero style. After you done with the superhero fashion you also have to decide their super powers and abilities for battle!

Love Superheroes? Then This App is For You Create and Design your own Comic Book Hero!
Choose from a huge selection of costumes, masks, and more and make your very own character! This app is free app, there is no in-app purchase.

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