Surprise Eggs Vending Machine for android

Buy all the chief surprise eggs you want!
In Surprise Eggs Vending Machine you can finally buy all the chief surprise eggs you want! Put in the right amount of money and press the number of the chief surprise egg you want! Vending machine games are awesome to play, and you can also learn to how to count your money! Eat all the Chief Surprise Eggs without getting full!

Vending machine games are awesome to play!
In Surprise Eggs Vending Machine you can learn how a vending machine games machine works and how to count your money. Now you can buy as much chief surprise eggs as you want, there is no limit! Vending machine games are a easy way to learn your kid how to use money, and it’s really easy to play for young and old.

Surprise Eggs Vending Machine Kids Games Features :
– Easy to play for young and old!
– Learn to count your money
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– Our kids games are fun for all ages
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~Have fun! – ChiefGamer

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