Tailor Boutique Cash Register app free

Get set and ready to play our awesome new tailor clothes girls game with cash register.

Boys do shopping occasionally but girls are mostly shopaholic and are always ready for shopping, this tailor designer boutique has tons of fashionable & trendy clothings both for girls & boys, so boys don’t have to worry if their girlfriend wants to visit the store because they won’t have to wait and can shop various beautiful clothes & other men accessories likewise kids don’t have to wait for their mom or dad to shop. This supermarket cash register free game for kids is full of enough fun shopping items to satisfy your shopping fever.


Cash Register & Supermarket Management

– 45 addictive & fun levels to play
– over 22 shelves full of shopping items
– time management game
– challenging level time & individual customer time
– coins to be earned based on serving time
– clothes supermarket cash management as a pro cashier
– level time can be purchased with earned coins
– supermarket shopping simulation
– items refilling after few levels

Direct play – supermarket cash register

– 45 addictive & fun levels to play
– time management game
– coins to be earned based on serving time
– supermarket cash management as a pro cashier
– level time can be purchased with earned coins

Levels & How to Play

#1 – Shopping
#2 – Refilling
#3 – Cash register

Supermarket cashier game has the following addictive & challenging levels to play

1 – Shopping

You will be serving customers whether its shopping girl or boy you will be fulfilling customers demands by looking at shopping list and supplying the customers with the items, by putting them into the shopping cart. This shopping game is not only for fun but for educational purposes of the kids as well to learn supermarket management. You will have to monitor the time of the level and will have to serve customers within time frame. If customers will be served on time they will give more coins, so don’t let them wait and get angry.

2 – Refilling

Besides supermarket shopping you will also be managing the refilling process of the shopping center, to ensure availability of good quality products you will be refilling the shelves with missing items keep the customers happy.

4 – Cash Register

Best part of this supermarket cashier game is that you will be managing the supermarket money by dealing with the customers. A supermarket game with a cashier free to make sure children can sharpen their calculation and mathematical skills in this supermarket cash register money simulation game. Based on the time taken to serve the customers you will be rewarded with the coins that will be your real earning besides the store’s earning. Let’s be the pro cashier & start registering cash.


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