Train Bus Transporting Sim Apk

Have you ever dreamed to drive a stunning locomotive or train? You are going to enjoy train bus transporting sim 3D action game. Sit on the seat and become a driver of your realistic train and have to transport your visitors and passengers to other stations. This is very amazing fun as well as puzzle Bus Driver Train 3D sim game for adults and children who want to drive own train, locomotive, steam engine, rail and other railroad things. One thing remember in your mind, be careful for upcoming red signals and trains and try to avoid colliding with other trains, otherwise your game will be ended. Once you are ready to drive your bus and train, these are under your control. We have also added a bus in this game to make this game interesting. You can decrease and speed up the train and bus in full blaze. Various camera view as per your comfort will show you stunning views in the 3D city and forest environment.
You will go through different towns and snow themes to get the superlative of world in the interesting locomotive sim. Go and face the mad rush of the railway tracks in a new distinctive portrait mode. However, it is your duty to take the traveller from bus station and take them all the passenger to the railway station then you need to start your engine and take all passengers to the their destination. Focus on your route, railroad and be careful form halt and search vast collection of different amazing locomotives in this 3D action game. You have to dodge on coming trains and no need to cross your speed limit. This is also cargo train so you can transport many things through the train. Enjoy beautiful ride through interesting tunnels, forest views, subway, mountains and 3D city environment and avoid obstructions from station to station.
Become a driver of your real engine and accelerate your engine to reach your destination. Drive fast and enjoy the ride and reach the destination within the given time. Unlock stunning locomotive for new levels and fulfill your dreams. Ride and control your desired updated and historical trains which are perfectly recreated in 3D. Sit on the seat and ride in the world of crazy train, do risky stunts to challenge your talent and experience realistic train racing. Not only this app will save your precious time for searching train games in the mobile or android market but also it is perfect game for those who want to download easily and want to enjoy anywhere in the world.

How To Play:
Tap on left or right button to move left or right.
Tap on acceleration button to increase the speed.
Tap on the brake button to lower the speed or stop train.
Free to play
HD Graphics
Smooth and easy controls
Multiple trains
Realistic trains physics
Beautiful 3d city and country side environment
Realistic sounds
Realistic animations

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