Transport Vehicles for Kids Apk

Meet one of our best educational games for toddlers – a new learning game Transport Vehicles for Kids! With the help of this transport games your baby will learn what kinds of vehicles exist as well as play such toddler learning games like vehicle games or kids car games to fix the received knowledge.
The main advantages of our vehicles games:
– Playing our transportation games your child will learn that there are 3 types of transport vehicles – flying vehicles which move in the air, land or ground vehicles which move on roads or railways, and water vehicles that people use to cross rivers, seas and oceans.
– Our educational toddler games will present 15 kinds of vehicles – an airplane, a helicopter, a bus, a motorcycle, a boat, cars for kids (or toddler cars), a ship, a train, a rocket, a submarine, a truck, even with an air balloon and some others. The names are pronounced in a distinct native speaker’s voice which is very important for all educational apps for toddlers who are just learning to speak correctly. Each vehicle is presented against an appropriate background: ships are sailing, aircrafts in flying vehicles game are hovering in the sky, and motor cars are rolling on a three-lane highway.
– Within this learning games for kids your baby can play car games in 11 languages – English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Malay, Arabic and others.
– There are five engaging mini educational games for kids in this child learning educational apps:
vehicle does not belong here?
In the first educational games for kids kindergarten your baby should examine carefully a random selection of four vehicles. Playing cars games for kids let your child touch the one that does not belong in the picture. For example, a little boy or a little girl has to expel the rocket from the group of motor vehicles or send away the airship from among sea ships.
type of transport suits the scene?
In the second learning games for kindergarten kids are given a scene – the sky scattered with clouds, the highway, or the wavy sea – and a selection of three different vehicles. PIn order to play this kids cars games your baby should pick up the vehicle that suits the particular scene and drag it to the top of the screen.
vehicles puzzles with silhouettes!
The third kids educational game free for kindergarten is vehicle puzzles for toddlers. In this toddler car games your kid has to guess which vehicle each shadow belongs to. This drag-and-drop activity is sure to develop fine motor skills.
cars, aircrafts and boats and repair them!
This car games for children will be a special favorite among little boys. Because playing this car game for toddler boy will make him feel like his father or grandfather who repairs his car in the garage. At the same time there are many little girls who are fond of cars games for kids. Anyway, no matter a boy or a girl, your baby will scrutinize a car, a ship or an aircraft trying to find a missing part. Looking like a puzzle cars for toddlers, isn’t it?
fun solving car puzzles for kids free!
The last toddler cars games free in this educational apps for kids is puzzles with different transport vehicles.
You can download all our children educational apps for free, and this kids car games free is not an exclusion. Such cars games for kids 3 years free will save your family budget and educate your baby properly.
Our game Transport Vehicles for Kids can be regarded as:
– learning games for toddlers age 2;
– learning apps for toddlers ages 2 to 3;
– learning games for toddlers age 3;
– free learning games for kids 3 to 4 years old;
– kids learning games free for a 4 year old;
– learning games for 5 year olds.
Besides the great educational potential, this game contributes to overall mental development of your baby – dragging objects on the screen will train fine motor skills, rich colors – visual perception, high-quality sounds – auditory perception, puzzles – logic and attentiven

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