Transporter Truck: Sports Cars free download

Car transporter truck journey begins with a touch of sports car games. Here we merge transport truck games with sports car games to get an amazing fun experience of driving a transport truck loaded with sports cars. You will have the opportunity to become a professional car transporter truck driver having the responsibility of loading and unloading shiny new sports cars on different spots. We assure you that TRANSPORTER TRUCK: SPORTS CARS will bring your way the ultimate truck driving experience in the latest modern transport truck games!
Our mission in this game is to load different sports cars on a transporter truck from the manufacturing company. Once we have loaded the new sports cars from the manufacturing company, we will start operating the big transport truck towards the city. The truck driver will have to cautiously drive towards the city because the roads in between are very curvy and dangerous. Once the truck will enter the city, we will drive and park the truck loaded with sports car in a racing track stadium. We also have the responsibility of unloading the sports car and parking them on a highlighted parking spot in the stadium. Likewise, the transporter truck will go back and forth to transport the sports cars. The transport truck will also face some traffic in the city environment and it has to stop at some traffic signals along the way. There are total 10 levels of this game.
It’s time to live the actual dream of driving new shiny sports cars in an exhilarating game categorized in transport truck games. You will definitely get the first-hand experience of maneuvering a real-time big car transporter truck in a realistic 3D environment. So, become the fastest and efficient driver in one of the thrilling sports car games named TRANSPORTER TRUCK: SPORTS CARS!

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