Truck Driver Simulator apk

A large number of woods are needed transporting in urgent, you, as a professionaltruck driver, it’s time to show you! Drive the truck to ensures all the woods can arrive safely and promptly!

Drive the truck with real wheel, gas, breaks, shifter. It’s not a simple car game, you need the real drive skill to win the game! Forward? Or back? Be careful not to bump into a tree!Keeping the brakes on as you turn into a fast corner,driving too fast or take a sudden turn will cause the vehicle turning over or the woods dropping.

These driving skills can help you complete the mission easily:
1. Speed up on the straight line.
2. Slow down if there is a turn ahead
3. Use the gas and brakesat the right time
4. Drive in the middle of the road
5. Avoidbumpy road
6. Upgrade your truck
7. Be patient

Operation interface is simple and obvious, control the truck with two your hands. Control the wheel with left hand and control the gas, break and shifter with right hand. Master the right way to drive will help you to complete the mission easier!

Truck Driver Simulator Features:
Totally FREE on Google Play
3D Environment & HD Graphics.
Realistic visual damage.
Steering wheel, buttons or tilting controls.
Beautiful scenery
Detailed interiors.
Different trucks to choose.
Different camera views.
Smooth and easy controls.
Refreshing background music & sound effects.

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