Truck Navigator GPS Apk

Truck Navigator GPS is a professional truck navigation software for Android smartphones and tablets.
It calculates truck-specific routes, taking into account truck attributes such as clearance heights or truck
blocks, avoids local detours and provides warnings near dangerous zones. This saves time and money.
The program and maps are stored on your Android device and therefore no internet connection is needed for navigation.

Truck route planning
 • Truck parking assistant
 • Avoids toll roads and ferries
 • Avoids residential areas
 • User may select to what extent smaller side roads should be avoided
 • Access to restricted areas, factory grounds, can be set manually (Road Editor)
 • Avoids u-turns
 • Truck loading terminals in Europe can be selected as a destination (POI)

Account for truck restrictions
 • Physical restrictions (height, width, length, weight, axle load)
 • Legal restrictions (trucks prohibited, residents only, trailers prohibited)
 • Hazardous goods restrictions (general, water pollutants, explosives)
 • Danger warnings before sharp turns, overhanging trees, steep inclines or uneven roads
 • Tunnel avoidance for hazardous goods transport (according to tunnel classes A-E)
 • All settings may saved to a vehicle profile for later use.

Navigation and ergonomics
 • Precise visual cues and spoken instructions
 • 2D and 3D navigation with clear maps oriented to direction of travel or North
 • Auto Smartzoom provides optimum map information when approaching manoeuvres
 • Display of speed limits with speed alerts
 • Automatically switches between day and night view
 • Extrapolated positioning in tunnels
 • (optional): TomTom HD Traffic with Traffic Timeline feature

Additional navigation features
 • Text2speech speaker available for these languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
 • Display of motorway signs
 • Junction views with exit numbers

Included maps (individually downloadable at any time)
 • Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
 • Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
 • Great Britain (England, Scotland, Ireland)
 • Denmark
 • Germany
 • European main roads
 • Far Eastern Europe (Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)
 • Finland
 • France
 • Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal, Andorra)
 • Italy
 • Norway
 • Austria
 • Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary)
 • Sweden
 • Switzerland
 • South Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece)
 • Turkey

14 days fully usable test version, then one-time payment 89 EUR for unlimited usage.
TomTom HD Traffic option can be purchased for 19,94 EUR yearly.

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