Truweight Apk

The Truweight app is a revolutionary friend that will help you in tracking your weight loss. Truweight, is a Bangalore-based company that has helped over 10,000 people achieve their weight loss goals by providing them with personal mentoring by qualified dieticians, an in-house formulation of superfoods with nutrient-rich foods like spirulina, chia seeds, millets, quinoa among others. This weight loss app is revolutionary in many senses:

Doesn’t promote calorie counting for weight loss: Instead, the app proposes a more sound way to calculate the nutrient content with a never before concept called ‘Health Dollars’.

Keep track of your food habits better than the food diary: If you thought entering the foods eaten in a dairy to be a great way to keep track of weight loss then the Truweight app will simplify your record keeping greatly. For one, it is responsive, it provides you with a detailed analysis of the nutrients consumed and you can even set food based reminders in the app.

Diet chat with your personal diet coach: Doubtful whether a particular food will hamper your weight loss efforts? Don’t take a wild guess, ask your personal diet coach instead. She can help you with any information and the best part, her advice is just a chat away.

Book your superfoods and dieticians appointment at the click of a button: Want to meet your diet coach to discuss a change in your plan? You can schedule an appointment with the convenience and ease of the app. Also, want to book you favorite weight loss superfood to be delivered? Use the Truweight app to do so. Weight loss and a holistic life simplified with the app.

Feed a hungry child simply by eating healthy: Truweight, in association with Akshaya Patra sponsors for a child’s mid day meal if you eat healthily! Yes, all you have to do is eat healthy and we will feed a hungry child somewhere. This is tracked in the app using the Health dollars consumed. Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle never felt so good for the conscience too.

Together with the app, numerous clinics, Truweight wishes to fulfill its motto ‘To make the world a healthier and a lighter place’.

Download the Truweight app for effortless weight loss to get a free dietician counseling today. You get to enjoy 7 days free trial of the app too!

​More about Truweight:

​It is a weight loss company that helps people dealing with obesity lose weight with nutrition counseling. Our expert team of nutritionists will counsel you either online or at our weight loss centers.
Now think of it in this way. What is the best way to lose weight? Exercise, morning walk, yoga. Right? Unfortunately, that’s what most of us think but that’s just not true. If you want to lose weight fast, you’ll have to take a much more scientific approach to weight loss rather than a generic one. Exercise contributes only 20-30% to weight loss. Rest of the 70-80% comes from your diet.

​Science behind Truweight

Truweight, is a scientific weight loss company where you lose weight by actually eating more superfoods or diet foods. We’ve turned weight loss on its head by bringing you tasty products (superfoods) packed with nutritional goodness.​ ​A team of over 60 nutritionists, food technologists and scientist​ have devised a healthy way for weight loss.

​The Truweight Team

The founding team have a rich pedigree, they are an alumnus of SRCC, IIM and ex-McKinsey & Company. First established as a fitness centre Identity based in Hyderabad, the focus on healthy fitness came with the realisation that weight loss is one of the major goals women look for. Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are responsible for 70% of the weight loss efforts. That was the inception of Truweight. With their own line of natural products and diet mentoring, Truweight has scaled great heights in a short span of time.

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