Twin Camera Mirror Photo Apk

Twin Camera Mirror Photo is best way to create Twin Photos of you using Twin Camera and Mirror Photos of you. Twin Camera Mirror Photos comes with Two Main Components:

1. Twin Camera: Using Camera Take Twin Pictures of you. Stand at two Places and that can be stitched together to make a single photo that will make it look like Twins of you are interacting with each other. Using Twin Camera you can Clone yourself to make it Clone Camera.

2. Mirror Photos: Mirror Existing photos to Create nice mirror effects and move the Mirrored Photos around with Finger Gestures to get the Mirror Camera Effects you want to create. Create Best Mirror Photos with Mirror Camera.
Two Types of Mirror Photos are supported: 2d Photo Mirrors and 3d Photo Mirrors. Create great looking 2d and 3d Photo Mirrors with Draw over Photo Mirrors and Text over Photos support added.

Twin Camera Mirror Photo is the best way to create magical clone photo effects. If you want to make a Person look like there are twins, Twin Camera Mirror Photo is the app for you that can create Clone photo effects in multiple forms.

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