Ultimate Financial Calculator Apk

The free ultimate financial calculator is the best calculator for all your finance needs. Whether you are a student of finance, MBA or an industry professional, the financial calculator is created by keeping all the requirements in mind. With over 35 basic and advanced accounting formula which any one can use. All the formulae can be categorized into General Finance, banking, stocks/bonds and corporate finance. In addition to the basic financial calculator, there is an in built scientific calculator with a lot of features for your daily needs. The financial calculator has a settings option in which you can change the currency which will be shown in the results.

The list of all the financial formulae include:
– Annual Percentage Yield
– Future Value Of Annuity
– Annuity (Fv)- Solve For N
– Annuity Payment (Pv)
– Annuity Payment – Fv
– Present Value Of Annuity Due
– Future Value Of Annuity Due
– Present Value Annuity Factor
– Annuity (Pv)- Solve For N
– Annuity Due Payment – Pv
– Annuity Due Payment – Fv
– Bond Equivalent Yield
– Capital Gains Yield
– Compound Interest
– Contribution Margin
– Current Yield
– Discounted Payback Period
– Dividend Yield (Stock)
– Dividends Per Share
– Earnings Per Share
– Equity Multiplier
– Fv – Continuous Compounding
– Present Value Of Growing Perpetuity
– Net Asset Value
– Net Present Value
– Net Profit Margin
– Solve For Number Of Periods – Pv & Fv
– Payback Period
– Pv Of Perpetuity
– Present Value Factor
– Price To Book Value
– Real Rate Of Return
– Tax Equivalent Yield
– Yield To Maturity
– Zero Coupon Bond Value
– Zero Coupon Bond Effective Yield

What we did in this financial calculator is simply combined a very powerful scientific calculator with a financial calculator to make it the best available calculator for financial needs on Android. The free financial calculator comes with the following features
– Very easy to use
– 35 + built in financial functions
– Very simple and interesting
– In built scientific calculator with basic functions including add, subtract, divide, multiply, as well as log, ln, square, square root, trigonometric functions, pi constant, hyperbolic functions, abs and many other functions
– A currency change option, which allows users to change the basic currency that will be used in the ultimate financial calculator. 100 + currencies have been included in the financial calculator.
– A clean UI which can be used for hours in daily financial needs
– The financial calculator has a basic free version
– On every formula, the formula is also written with legend to make sure; users also know which formula they are using.
– The results include currency, % or no symbol with the result. The currency displayed is the currency you choose from settings
– Light weight and consumes very less battery

Ultimate Financial Calculator is a very comprehensive calculator for the financial calculations, feel free to share with friends, colleagues who need the perfect financial calculator. If you like this, please rate the application, or to send a review/feedback/suggestion, send us an email to info@

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