ViaMichelin: Route GPS Traffic Apk

Find all the experience and know-how of ViaMichelin at the heart of this free application with no subscription required: Michelin maps, routes with real time traffic, GPS with voice guidance and community alerts, plus all the services along your route, to offer so much more than simply a journey. Preparing for a trip or on the road, daily trips or holiday travels, ViaMichelin and its community will accompany you to offer peace of mind and the pleasure of discovery.
MICHELIN MAPS AND SATELLITE Locate your position with real time geolocation on our interactive maps, clear and fluid. A range of town plans and maps available: Michelin maps, lite maps and satellite or aerial maps.
ROUTES WITH VARYING OPTIONS AND JOURNEY COSTSQuickly and accurately calculate your car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian route from your current location, your own address or the address of a contact. Further optimise your travel by:
– Displaying route options based on journey time with real time traffic, DISTANCE to travel and estimated COSTS (tolls, vignettes, fuel based on vehicle type).
– CHOICE OF ROUTE OPTIONS: ViaMichelin enables you to optimise your chosen route by selecting the shortest, quickest, most cost-effective, or Michelin recommended routes, or by selecting the discovery route that will enable you to take in the sights along your route.
– View your route in map or ROAD MAP mode detailing all the key stages of your journey.
GPS WITH MAXIMUM LEGIBILITYGet a GPS system with simplified ergonomics, relaxing and efficient:
– Schematic presentation and clear, easy to follow directions
– Simple and accurate voice guidance
– Alerts: Hazardous areas and real time traffic incidents (traffic jams, roadworks, slow moving traffic, traffic conditions and information for roads, motorways and ring road including road closures)
– Speed restrictions on permanent display with alerts (visual and audio) when limits are exceeded
– More than 30,000 hazardous zones across Europe
– Free GPS with low battery consumption.
TRAFFIC AND COMMUNITY ALERTS IN REAL TIMEStay updated on even the most familiar routes with the community alerts. Drive with active location tracking on the map, you can see authorised speed limits, as well as all shared incidents and real-time traffic on your from real time traffic information to plan your journeys – even for frequent, well-known trips.
– Identify free flowing or congested routes, as well as road closures and all traffic info through the green-orange-red colour coding on the maps.
– Choose a way that will prevent any lost time through traffic jams!
Avoid surprises by taking advantage of the alerts shared by fellow drivers each day!
And you, too, can share traffic information and incidents on your route:
– Hazard alerts
– Traffic jams
– Roadworks
– Accidents
HOTELS, RESTAURANTS AND TOURIST SITES SELECTED BY MICHELINThe pleasure of discovery for so much more than just a drive. Discover selections from the Michelin Guides: hotels, restaurants and tourist sites.
SERVICES ON YOUR ROUTE: CAR PARKS, SERVICE STATIONS AND MOREEvery day, we look to advance mobility, to make your travel more efficient and fun. Our teams work on your behalf with passion and enthusiasm. Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback as your opinion is valued and contributes enormously to the improvement of YOUR application. Contact us: mobile@
ViaMichelin offers maps worldwide and across Europe including the United Kingdom, with maps and plans for small towns and large cities: London map, Birmingham map, Manchester map, as well as Liverpool, Bristol… Road and motorway traffic is also available for Europe and the United Kingdom (London traffic, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol…): you will be asked to authorise access to your contacts in order to enable automatic completion of address fields for a contact.

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