ViewRanger – Trails & Maps Apk

Discover thousands of inspiring route guides, download detailed topo maps, and navigate your outdoor adventures with ViewRanger. Share your adventures and inspire others to discover new places! Perfect for backcountry exploring or simply days out in the WEAR™
• Navigate your trail and view track stats on your wrist with Android Wear™ enabled smartwatches.
• Record a new track and pause or stop an existing track recording.
• View Heading, Bearing, Lat/Long and Altitude : AUGMENTED REALITY FOR THE OUTDOORS
Bring maps to life with Skyline! Using iPhone’s camera Skyline will identify key features around you such as peaks, places and lakes. Navigate with waypoints and direction arrows on the real landscape too. (No Skyline coverage in Alaska) [Skyline requires devices with GPS capabilities, phone camera, compass, and gyro sensors.
Compatibility with Skyline is not guaranteed.]FEATURES:DOWNLOAD USGS TOPO MAPS & MORE: USA Topo map; OpenStreetMap®, OpenCycleMap, Bing Aerial Imagery Ski Piste map, transport maps plus additional premium topographic maps for Europe, USA, Canada and New OFFLINE NAVIGATION: Using your device’s GPS, the app doesn’t need data or mobile signal to locate you on a map, record a track, or follow a route. Maps are stored on your phone to work offline too. INSPIRING ROUTE GUIDES: Download routes from our global library of expert and community-generated walks and rides. Or, create and follow your ADVENTURES: See your track live on the map and share with friends once completed. View stats such as; distance, speed, altitude and YOUR LOCATION: BuddyBeacon™ is a unique PIN-protected real-time location sharing and tracking system which allows you to share your location with friends and
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Or, send us an email: [email protected]
Free Global maps © OpenStreetMap contributors.
Some features, such as viewing online maps, browsing routes, downloading maps and routes and sharing your location using BuddyBeacon require an internet connection.

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