Water Reminder Challenge Apk

Do you know the benefits of drinking water daily? There are many, from improving your skin, hair, and nails, to helping reduce anxiety when comes lunch time, providing active support in losing those extra kilos, and helping with weight control.

With this totally free (and forever free) application, you will be able to track the water you need to take each day. With a unique style, and an always clear interface, guided by a professional, you will be able to know at all times your level of hydration daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Come on! It’s a perfect coach!

Its use is extremely simple, as soon as you enter the application, we will ask you to fill out several basic aspects of yourself: your age, your gender, and if you’re active (you exercise regularly) or rather sedentary (come on, that 80% of your activity time is ). With these data, we can advise you on the amount of water you should consume each day. Easy right?

The next step will be to choose which way you want us to remind you to take your water, this is why you need to indicate around what time you wake up and go to sleep every day. Between those horus, our system will be notifying you (with the type of notification you have selected: visual, sound or vibration) to drink a glass of water.

That’s all! Every time we remind you to drink your water, you will have to get in the application and click on the + symbol and indicate the amount of water you drank (you have to drink it for real! You will notice right away the benefits of water).
A fun bottle shaped interface will indicate the % of water consumed in the day, and the more water you drink, the greener your background will become.

In addition, the application has other features:

* Daily view: For you to monitor your daily recommended water intake.
* Weekly View: You will be able to review what you have done during the week.
* Monthly and annual view: For you to be able to control your hydration all year long.
* Player’s medals and achievements: Every day, our expert will tell you how well you are doing, gamifying the exercise of drinking water and making it a more comfortable experience.
* Tips about daily hydration: For you to learn more about the different benefits of daily hydrating.
* Customizable notifications: for them not to be annoying or intrusive.
* Metric (ml) or imperial (Oz) system.
* Visual HD interface with real-time graphics.

Remember to stay hydrated, healthy and exercise regularly! You will feel much better and positive!

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