Weapons of Heroes. Museum 3D Apk

10 models, consisting of fully animated dismountable parts:
– Flintlock carabine.
– Detonating duelling pistol.
– Cap and ball Colt revolver.
– Berdan infantry rifle, model of 1870.
– Mosin-Nagant rifle, model of 1891, used in ww1.
– Maxim machine gun, model of 1905.
– Fedorov automatic rifle, model of 1915.
– Maxim-Tokarev light machine gun, model of 1925.
– Shpagin submachine gun, model of 1941, PPSh-41.
– Tokarev Self-loading Rifle, model of 1940, SVT-40.

Key features of the application
– 10 highly detailed models with modern 3D graphics and effects simulation.
– Not just series-produced items, but first models in series, honorary and award units from the museum fund, which became a part of history and culture.
– Complete assembly and disassembly of any weapons.
– Modes: X-rays and slow motion, allowing to see and understand the operation of mechanisms.
– Possibility to shoot from the legends.
– Assembly and disassembly of firearms against the clock, competing with other players.
– Detailed history of each weapon and description of its elements.
– Possibility to simultaneously play and learn new and interesting facts.
– All base models and their modifications are free and available to the user at any time.
– The application is free from advertising.

Intended audience of the application:
– Do you play computer games? In the application you can explore the real iconic weapons and fire them.
– Do you like shooting real firearms? You have 10 legends here at your disposal. Effects, animation and sounds will make shooting realistic.
– Are you interested in weapons and mechanics? You will appreciate the level of detail and availability of iconic, but little-known models of forearms, as well as rare modifications and accessories.
– Do you like military history? In the application you will find many interesting facts given in an exciting and interactive way.
– Do you like to visit military museums? It will be always with you now. Anywhere and anytime. Weapons of Heroes and Victory on your phone or tablet.
– Do you want your children to learn a lot of new facts from the history? The application in an exciting form gives a lot of information about the important events and the gunsmith who created these iconic firearms.

Write in comments what features and weapons you would like to see next. For example, Kalashnikov, Nagant revolver, Mauser pistol, Makarov, Tula Tokarev, etc.

Wish List on 01/27/2016:

New features:
Shooting range
Change of weapons ammunition
Modifications and accessorises

New models:
Kalashnikov (AK-47, AK-74) is the main firearm in USSR
Glock 19 (Glock 19)
M1 Garand (M1 Garand)
M1A2 Thompson (Thompson Submachine Gun)
MP 38, MP 38/40, MP 40 Maschinenpistole
MG 42 Maschinengewehr 42
MG 34 Maschinengewehr 34
Mauser Gewehr 98
StG 44 Sturmgewehr 44
Magazine Mauser 98k
The Modello 1891 (Carcano, Parravicino-Carcano)
Dragunov sniper (SVD – 40)
VSS (Vintorez, sniper special)
Pistol TT Tula Tokarev at ww2
Makarov pistol (PM)
Stechkin automatic pistol (APS)
CP-3 CP-3M “Whirlwind”
DP (machine gun Degtyarev Infantry) used in world war 2
SK “Exhaust”
Mauser K96 (Mauser C96)
Anti-tank semi-automatic mod. ’41 Simonov system (PTW)
Kalashnikov tank machine gun
Automatic pistol silent (APB)
Pistols-machine guns models 42 and 43 years Sudaeva system (PPS)
Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD)
Smith & Wesson Model 29
Revolver Nagant system revolver ( Nagant revolver mod. 1895)
Rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)
Winchester 1897 shotgun
Tank T-40 with whole mechanics
Tank T-34 the famous tank used in USSR
Rocket Launcher, M9 “Bazooka”
Tank KV-1
Trench spade
spiked mace
Barbed wire club
Nuclear bomb
Missile Launcher
US trench knife
Swords created by medieval blacksmith

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