Would you rather Apk

Would you rather? is the English version of the quiz that is succeeding on the Internet.

Impossible questions to answer! Crazy, difficult, awkward … you will be unable to answer questions without hesitation. What would you rather?

The mechanics are very simple answer all the questions you doubting as little as possible, to be completely honest and find out if you think like the rest of the world or not.

Questions and statistics are updated automatically. We are working to add the craziest questions answered by the creators of most famous video content.

You can also see the questions you have answered well as their current statistics.

You can suggest more questions through the appropriate section in the application. Please note the rules and if the questions you send to us is good, we’ll add to that everyone can answer.

We hope you enjoy our game of questions and will continue to work to improve it.

Do you dare to play?

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